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Frequently asked questions for Streetworks training

Read our FAQ for Streetworks training, including training availability and introduction to SWQR.

What courses are offered?

Develop Training offer a full range of courses for delegates working on or adjacent to public highways. Courses are accredited by City and Guilds and registration on the Street Works Qualifications Register (SWQR) is included within the cost of the course.

Our most popular courses are detailed on the website but we can deliver any combination of units for subsequent certification and registration with SWQR, provided numbers are practicable to do so. Call us if you have a particular requirement 0800 876 6708, here is a reminder of the relevant units:

  • Unit 001 Location and avoidance of underground apparatus.
  • Unit 002 Signing, lighting and guarding.
  • Unit 003 Excavation in the road/highway.
  • Unit 004 Reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials.
  • Unit 005 Reinstatement of sub-base and road-base in non-bituminous materials.
  • Unit 006 Reinstatement of cold-lay bituminous materials.
  • Unit 007 Reinstatement of hot-lay bituminous materials.
  • Unit 008 Reinstatement of concrete slabs.
  • Unit 009 Reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete footways.
  • Unit 010 Monitoring signing, lighting and guarding.
  • Unit 011 Monitoring excavation in the road/highway.
  • Unit 012 Monitoring reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials.
  • Unit 013 Motoring reinstatement of sub-base and road-base in non-bituminous materials.
  • Unit 014 Monitoring reinstatement of bituminous materials.
  • Unit 015 Monitoring reinstatement of concrete slabs.
  • Unit 016 Monitoring reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete footways.

What is SWQR?

For more information refer to from where we have drawn the following text; Street Works Qualifications Register (SWQR) is maintained in Glasgow, at the invitation of the Department for Transport. The SWQR holds details of qualified supervisors and operatives who have gained the appropriate qualification in relation to the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA).

Awarding Bodies, appointed by the Government, work closely with the SWQR in order that each qualified supervisor or operative can be issued with a durable ID card (which can be produced on site if necessary) to show that he/she is in possession of the appropriate qualification. Additionally, the SWQR can provide road authorities, contracting companies and other prospective employers with information as to whether a supervisor or operative is in possession of a prescribed qualification as provided for in Sections 67 and 126 of the New Road and Street Works Act.

How do I order Streetworks training from Develop?

This is simple, you can either make your booking or enquiry online, or call us on 0800 876 6708, where our training advisors will advise you on the training solutions we offer.

When should I book a reassessment? (England)

Delegates can book reassessment up to 4 months after the expiry of the previous registration. Our experience is that after this point there is insufficient time to renew SWQR card entries and we would recommend you must complete the full course again.

In what areas of the UK can you provide Streetworks training?

Develop Training has purpose built training facilities across the UK offering Streetworks training.

Can I undertake training at my premises?

Location of Underground Apparatus and Signing, Lighting and Guarding can be delivered on site where facilities are suitable and numbers make this practicable. Excavation and reinstatement would generally be undertaken at Develop Training locations but we can assess whether alternative sites are appropriate.

Can you customise Streetworks courses to suit our particular requirements?

Yes, this is possible where numbers allow, and we positively encourage employers to tell us how we can help maximise the benefits of the course in line with their own company objectives. To discuss your requirements please speak to our training advisor team on 0800 876 6708.

If I have a group of people needing Streetworks training, can I get a discount?

This may be possible, if you speak to one of our training advisors they may be able to create a bespoke event which will work out cheaper for your organisation.

Do I need to bring documentation used in my company?

This not essential, but please feel free to bring any documentation you use as it can help put the course in to context for your own organisation and procedures.

I have paid for a Streetworks course, what happens now?

We will send you a range of documents which will contain: your receipt of payment and invoice, Streetworks training course notes, a map to the location you have chosen, joining instructions and your delegate booking form. In case you have any questions, we are available on 0800 876 6708 to answer any enquiries or concerns that you may have.

How long does it take for my certificate to come through?

Certificates are generally received within two weeks. Registration with SWQR may take a further 4 weeks.

My question is not covered here?

Whatever question or enquiry you have about Streetworks any other general enquiries, feel free to give us a call on 0800 876 6708. You can be assured of a prompt and attentive reply.

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