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Virtual classroom - new courses, new careers, more opportunities

Develop Training have created 'a new way to learn' with a suite of inspiring eLearning training solutions for Utilities, Estates & Facilities Management and Leadership & Management. All our virtual classroom courses are delivered in a classroom that you attend virtually via Zoom/Teams. Each course is underpinned by industry leading technology and delivered by world-class tutors with real world support.

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Estates & Facilities Management
Leadership and Management
Personal Effectiveness

A new way to learn

All our virtual courses are delivered exactly the same as you would expect - in a classroom with one of our expert trainers, however you are able to attend the course from wherever you are in the world, without the issue of travel and accommodation. To facilitate this we use Microsoft Teams, and we have been careful in designing these courses to ensure that none of the important elements are lost from within a "physical" classroom.

Flexible training options

Despite all that 2020 has so far delivered, Develop aim to ensure we remain as flexible as possible for you, our customers, and that you can access training not only how you prefer but when you prefer it. We have also worked really hard to ensure we attract the very best talent to ensure our trainers are the best of the best, to ensure your experience is always at the highest level - always exceeding expectations.

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