tRIIO streamlining booking process

tRIIO is a gas engineering joint venture between Morrison Utility Services and Skanska UK which works in partnership with National Grid to maintain and improve the supply of gas to millions of people living and working in North London and the East of England.

tRIIO specialises in the delivery of design and contracting services for the UK’s gas distribution network – replacing old mains, laying new ones, installing new connections to houses and commercial premises and helping with emergency response services.

Business challenges for tRIIO

tRIIO and Develop Training Ltd agreed a five-year contract in early 2016 for the delivery of a programme of over 100 compliance, health and safety, and bespoke training courses to more than 3,000 front-line operatives.

Develop Training had provided training to tRIIO in the past. Prior to 2016, however, tRIIO’s training department scheduled courses, and delegates on those courses, using their own in-house system. This work was then necessarily duplicated on Develop Training’s systems, a process that was both time-consuming and inefficient for both companies.

Such a process also left little time for tRIIO to manage the wider training and development needs, in conjunction with Develop Training, of more than 3,000 staff.

Solution & business benefits delivered

Develop Training introduced the Learning & Assessment Portal (LAP) to tRIIO as a means of streamlining the course booking process and providing easy access to data.

The LAP was seamlessly and securely integrated between tRIIO’s and Develop Training’s systems. This instantly removed any duplication of effort and provided straightforward access to training records and data.

tRIIO has also been able to delegate much of the day-to-day responsibility for training to line managers in the field. Managers can now access the LAP directly. They can compare course availability with the identified training needs of operatives and make bookings directly onto appropriate courses. In the event that specific courses are unavailable line managers can now instantly request additional training via the portal. These requests are passed directly to tRIIO’s.

Learning & Development team who are able to review them quickly and efficiently, authorising or declining training as appropriate in line with legislative and corporate requirements and available budgets.

Data relating to course attendances and outcomes can now be easily accessed and, where necessary, management action taken quickly and effectively. The portal also provides a clear view of the compliance levels of operatives and a time-line for their reassessment or further training.

Jo Green, Training Manager for tRIIO, said: “Using the LAP has had a massive impact on the efficiency and delivery of our technical training services. In particular, the user friendly web-based platform provides our users with a quick and easy method of identifying training requirements and booking courses. This has resulted in us streamlining the overall process, through which we’ve booked almost 2,000 training dates in the first three months of using the LAP.

“We are currently working with Develop Training to develop an online induction booking process which will bring added efficiency to tRIIO’s business through increased data accuracy, with the added benefit of supporting our drive to become a greener company by reducing the amount currently used in association with booking training.”

Chris Wood, Chief Executive of Develop Training, said: “I am especially thrilled to see tRIIO making full use of our LAP. The implementation of our contract with tRIIO demanded the integration and management of thousands of training records which was made possible in short order only through the use of our LAP application. As with some of other clients, tRIIO are now able to book courses proactively and easily, and are thus experiencing significantly enhanced operational efficiencies.”

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