Creating A Bespoke Learning & Assessment Portal For SCS Joint Venture

The Background

HS2 is Great Britain’s new high-speed railway. Once operational, HS2’s British-built bullet trains will provide zero-carbon journeys between the UK’s two largest cities, Birmingham and London.

The HS2 London tunnels team is a joint venture of Skanska, Costain and STRABAG.  The joint venture is delivering the High Speed Two (HS2) Main Works Civil Contract in London, between West Ruislip and Euston.

Joanne Green is the Head of Training and Onboarding for SCS Joint Venture (SCS JV).

The Challenge

SCS JV did not have a training management system before Joanne Green was asked to step in and help. For the first two years of the SCS JV project, the training needs of staff were managed via spreadsheets. While this approach might suffice for smaller businesses, the sheer volume of staff involved in the SCS project made it highly impractical.

When Jo Green was invited to join the project, there were no established training processes, and training records were scattered without a centralised repository. This lack of organisation made it challenging for line managers to determine which staff members required training or identify if mandatory training was up to date.

Drawing on her extensive experience, Jo recognised the need to avoid reinventing the wheel, she had previously collaborated with Develop during her work with tRIIo, therefore swiftly implemented a solution she was familiar with.

The Solution

Jo’s pre-existing collaboration with Develop granted her insight into the extensive array of features offered by Develop’s Learning & Assessment Portal (LAP) known as ‘BookIT.’ Recognising the unparalleled flexibility of ‘BookIT,’ which surpasses the capabilities of many off-the-shelf systems, Jo leveraged her knowledge to the benefit of SCS.

Ben Jobson, IT Business Partner at Develop, collaborated closely with Jo, ensuring that all her requirements were meticulously addressed, and the system was user-friendly for line managers.

Ben said –

It’s been a great experience working with Joanne again, this time to customise BookIT for the SCS JV. We feel really proud at the way BookIT has been embraced by SCS and the positive impact it has had for them. We look forward to continuing our journey with the project and further enhancing BookIT in line with their changing needs.

BookIT, although initially designed for training purposes, has transcended its original scope. It is now integral to various aspects of SCS operations, including workforce planning, recruitment, headcount management, redeployment, and even annual talent management initiatives.

“I had a fantastic working relationship with the Develop team in my previous role and the BookIT system worked really well for our business. I had no hesitation in recommending Develop and BookIT to SCS and, once again, the team have been accommodating to our requests and have been able to provide incredible functionality that we just wouldn’t be able to get with an ‘off-the-shelf’ piece of training management software.” Joanne Green, Head of Training and Onboarding, Skanska Costain STRABAG (SCS JV)

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