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Return on Investment (ROI)

Find out how our learners rated their training experience with Develop. Delivering Return on Investment is one of our most important considerations, our evaluation questions focus on ROI to measure perception and reinforce the value of training to all.

Positive perceptions of training

Learners who “agree or strongly agree” with the statement Learners
Would recommend Develop Training to a friend or colleague 98.9%
Rated their overall training highly 96.9%
The training has improved the range of skills I have to fulfil my responsibilities at work 95.9%
My confidence to undertake tasks and responsibilities at work has improved as a result of the training 92.6%
The training has improved my ability to work safely 89.0%
My overall contribution at work will improve as a result of the training 89.1%
I have a greater understanding of the behaviours required to use my new skills effectively in my work 89.9%
As a result of the training I will assess risks associated with my work more carefully in the future 88.1%
I believe I can make a greater contribution to the aims and objectives of my employer 85.5%
In respect of our trainers
Scoring “Good or Excellent” for the question Learners
How good was the trainers knowledge of the subject? 92.4%
How well did the trainer support people on the course? 98.6%
How good were the trainer’s presentation skills? 98.5%
Post course survey

We also conduct post course telephone surveys around 60-90 days after a course is completed, to test perceptions after the learner returns to the workplace.

Said “Yes” to the question Learners
Did the training improve your ability to work safely? 89.2%
Do you assess risks more carefully in the workplace? 82.3%
Has your confidence to undertake your job improved? 81.2%

Professional accreditations

NICEIC approped assessment centre
CABWI Awarding Body
City & Guilds
Energy & Utility Skills
ILM Approved Centre
Lloyds ISO 9001:2015
Achilles UVDB
Water Jetting Association