Daryll Garavan – Staff Story

At Develop Training our team know all about what the day-to-day culture feels like but we’d like to share an insight with you too. So, we’re starting a brand-new series devoted to the people behind Develop Training and share their stories.

We kick things off with the story of Daryll Garavan, where we trace 12 years of twists and turns that ultimately led Daryll to his current role as Utilities Operational Training Manager for Develop Training.

Career progression with Develop

Daryll first joined Develop Training all the way back in 2010. At that time, he was working at a bank and had begun searching for a route into a new field. Fate had it that Develop Training happened to be advertising a role at the same time, and as Daryll explains it: “The role popped up and I went for it straight away.”

The role was as an administrator and it was in high demand as it concerned the transfer of one centre’s (Whitwell) administration into another (Derby). The interview process had to be quick and efficient, and Daryll had to be a fast learner, “I was one of the administrators at the time that went in to really learn the ropes and bring it back to the Derby centre.”

As goes for any member of staff at Develop Training, Daryll’s potential and natural aptitude for the job was recognised quickly. His precise handling of the day-to-day data entry and course setup earnt him a promotion into the position of team leader within the administration department. From there, Daryll’s ambition took him everywhere.

“There’s always change in some way or another, and new contracts regarding different industries are always coming up. I’m the type of person to go for opportunities like those when they do arise.”

Daryll Garavan Photo
Daryll Garavan - Utilities Operational Training Manager for Develop Training

Kenya trip

Daryll, and a few other members of our team only recently returned from a week-long trip to Kenya, where they represented Develop Training in supporting school and education development in Kukuru. The team were put to work in the community there and used their expertise to help develop utility systems for local schools that allowed the delivery of clean water and sanitation.

Daryll said: “We were all immensely proud to see how grateful the community was and how such a small sacrifice for us made such a positive difference to their lives.”

From answering the call for an administration role to now heading up the utilities team and making voyages across to Kenya, Daryll’s story exemplifies how an ambitious mind will always be rewarded with brightening possibilities here at Develop Training.

Stay tuned for our next staff story, where we’ll trace the journey of another one of our essential employees here at Develop Training.

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