Introducing Thomas Flynn; A Gas Trainer With A Wealth Of Experience

   13 July 2023         News

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Thomas Flynn, who has recently joined Daryll Garavan’s Utilities team as a Gas Trainer. With a wealth of hands-on industry experience and in-depth knowledge, Tom has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by delegates in their day-to-day roles. This will allow him to tailor his training approach to address their specific needs, ensuring they receive the utmost value and an exceptional learning experience.

Before joining Develop, Tom served as a Civil Engineer, primarily focusing on groundwork in the Luton area. However, between 2015 and 2020, he honed his skills as a Gas Engineer at Cadent, where he played a crucial role in detecting and addressing leaks. Every day presented unique challenges, as identifying and resolving leaks required a keen eye and problem-solving abilities. Prior to 2015, Tom also worked for Cadent in a variety of gas-related roles.

An enjoyable few weeks

Reflecting on his first few weeks at Develop, Tom said, “I am truly enjoying my time at Develop so far. The level of support I’ve received has been nothing short of excellent. From a wide range of training opportunities to the invaluable experience of shadowing fellow trainers, Develop has truly exceeded my expectations in helping me settle into my new role. I feel empowered and well-equipped to deliver the best possible training and learning experience for our delegates.”

Outside of work

Beyond his professional pursuits, Tom is a talented bass guitarist and an avid music lover. When he’s not training or working, you can find him playing in a band or attending concerts. He is also a devoted football fan, although he no longer plays due to past injuries. As a passionate supporter of Luton Town, Tom finds great joy (and sometimes great disappointment!) in cheering on his beloved team.

We are delighted to have Tom join our team at Develop, and we look forward to the valuable contributions he will make. Welcome aboard, Tom – it’s a pleasure to have you with us!



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