National Careers Week 2023

   11 March 2023         Blogs

Develop Training discusses the power of upskilling for National Careers Week 2023 (March 6th-11th).

At the start of the new year, we wrote about the transformative power of upskilling both for individuals and for those overseeing a workforce. Upskilling, the practice of perpetual refinement and development, is something we’re passionate about because it’s something we know our services are guaranteed to deliver on.

Now, for National Careers Week, we believe it’s more important than ever to consider the potential of upskilling not only for your staff, but for yourself. So, whether your industry’s focus be Facilities Management, Utilities, Leadership and Management or Building Services Engineering, we’d like to walk you through some of the short and long courses we have available.

Take, for example, the multitude of courses we offer as part of our water training services. Here, a member of staff could find new space to develop the fundamental skills required to lay the foundations of national water networks (NCO2WM) or become better acquainted the risks associated with managing water supplies in both commercial and domestic environments (WS1).

Equally, within gas services we can provide courses acutely relevant to detailing the best practices for excavations (UE2) or tailored to look at the overall management of distribution within MOD (Ministry of Defence) gas networks. This breadth of scale extends to each one of our training areas, providing businesses and individuals with a precision choice of areas in which they can newly skill themselves.

National Careers Week brings into question what a ‘career’ really entails. A career shouldn’t necessarily mean one speciality, and it certainly shouldn’t mean one role, so why not give yourself, or your staff, the best chance to make the most of your work? At Develop Training, we believe a career is about the individual, not necessarily the practice. By choosing one of our courses, you can make the decision to invest in yourself, and your team, not for what a career may look like today, but for what it might look like tomorrow.

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