Pioneering project in Kenya

   27 September 2021         News

Utility companies across the UK are being invited to pool their expertise and join a pioneering project aimed at improving the lives of children and their communities in a remote area of Kenya.

Derby-based Develop Training, one of the UK’s leading accredited providers of compliance, technical, and safety training for the utilities sector, has teamed up with Derby County Community Trust (DCCT) for the Rams in Kenya project.

A life-changing project

DCCT annually bring together an army of volunteers to undertake life-changing projects in impoverished areas around Nakuru and the next trip has been confirmed for May 2022. The annual visit to Nakuru sees volunteers of all ages support five partner schools with projects ranging from building classrooms to supporting teacher development.

The next trip will be the first time that individuals with specific utilities’ expertise have been involved.

Providing utility infrastructure to last a lifetime

The plan is to complete a sustainable project that will provide clean water and sanitation as well as train local people to maintain and sustain the equipment and systems independently for decades to come.

Seeking utility companies who want to make a real difference

Develop Training Managing Director John Kerr explained: “As far as we know, this will be the first time that companies across the UK utility sector have come together for such an ambitious international project.

“By pooling expertise, we aim to complete a sustainable project that will make a real and sustainable difference to the whole local community in Nakuru.

“As well as designing and installing the equipment, we aim to provide a lasting legacy by ensuring that local people are fully trained in maintenance and repairs so that they do not have to totally rely on return visits and future support.”

Mr Kerr continued: “Some schools in this part of Kenya have thousands of pupils and only a handful of toilets and no sewage systems. This has a profound effect on all the children, teachers and the wider community but particularly on the older girls who, because of lack of facilities and no sanitary support, miss out on at least a week of school every month.”

Utility & construction workers urgently needed

Paul Newman, DCCT Community Manager continued: “The Rams in Kenya project is always amazing. The joy that it brings to our volunteers, as well as the children and teachers out there, is indescribable.

“Having not been able to return to the area for the past two years, we are looking forward to making the May 2022 project even more impactful.

“We have always been keen to add professionals from the construction industry, as well as those with medical and teaching experience, to complement our pool of enthusiastic volunteers.

“The input from Develop Training and the UK utility sector will hopefully ensure that we can achieve a key objective to bring life-changing clean water and sanitation to the local community.

“Such an undertaking obviously needs to be led by industry experts who will be supported by our volunteers who join us with a host of skills and enthusiasm and who all discover the role they are best suited for during the trip.”

Find out more and join in

Any company or individual interested is invited to attend a virtual briefing session. Please contact for further information and to express your interest.

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