Training Terrace Receives Rave Reviews from Delegates

   04 July 2023         News

Training Terrace, Develop’s fully to-scale artificial street offering real-life work scenarios for training and assessment, has garnered high praise from delegates who recently attended the facility. Delegates expressed their satisfaction with the true-to-life scenarios and highlighted how the training experience at Training Terrace is helping them excel in their real-life jobs.

In June, the true to-scale artificial street welcomed its first intake of delegates who were undertaking NCO Gas Level 2 Escape, Locate & Repair training. One delegate commented, “The street provides well-thought-out and realistic interiors, which makes it feel just like the houses we encounter in our day-to-day work. It’s incredible how the facility replicates some of the challenges we face on domestic sites.”

Another delegate emphasised the benefits of Training Terrace, stating, “The realism and familiarity offered by Training Terrace makes a significant difference in our training. I personally feel more confident and better prepared to handle real-life situations after undergoing training in this facility because it’s allowed me to practice my skills in a safe and controlled environment.”

This feedback proves that delegates value the chance to train in an environment like Training Terrace, as it enables them to bridge the divide between theoretical knowledge and practical application whilst practicing their skills in a safe, closed environment.

A long history of training innovation

The positive feedback received from delegates affirms Develop’s commitment to delivering high-quality training experiences. Training Terrace is just one example of how Develop continuously strives to provide innovative and immersive training solutions, ensuring that delegates are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of their professions.

In 2021, Develop launched the utilities industries first ever City & Guild’s accredited blended learning training course for workers who handle high voltage electrical systems. This was swiftly followed by a range of other blended and virtual classroom programmes. Further to this, Develop has recently added a new state of the art mobile confined space training facility to its delivery portfolio. Develop is also seeking to address the national shortage of teaching and learning roles within the sectors by significantly investing in trainer recruitment via a project known as Evolve – further details will be available soon.

Further information on Training Terrace

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