Upskilling your workforce for the New Year

   04 January 2023        Blogs

At Develop Training we’re approaching 2023 with a list of resolutions that look at making tangible improvements for workforces across the country.

Improvements that come in the form of upskilling, the practice that can keep your workforce consistently ahead of modern advances in technique, regulation, and technology. All of which we can cater for with one of the many training programmes we provide at Develop Training.

Whether your industry’s focus is Estates & Facilities Management, Utilities, Leadership and Management or Building Services Engineering, we have both short and long courses available to not only improve in an area that your workforce operates, but to potentially create an entirely new specialism for your company to deliver on.

For example, our Electrical Vehicle charging course is City & Guild accredited and has no formal requirements for entry, though it is recommended for practicing electricians. Covering legislation, design, selection, and final installation, it transforms delegates unfamiliar with the technology into competent EV charging installers.

Equally, at Develop Training we’re able to provide a broad range of unique training to facilitate work within confined spaces. So, whether your company requires training for direct work in these environments, the supervision of that work, or the management of confined spaces in general, we can provide all of the requisite framework that the industry expects.

One of our offerings of particular use for companies looking to tackle upskilling across the board is our bespoke training offer. This allows us to deliver many of our training courses at a company premises, enabling your staff to conveniently learn essential updates to modern safety regulations, procedures, and even invaluable information tailored specifically to your businesses’ needs.

Upskilling a workforce is one of the most reliable ways of future-proofing a company in the modern age, and with a looming skills shortage facing both the UK and EU labour markets, 2023 might be the most vital time to ensure your staff is ready to tackle the numerous changes society will undergo.

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