Welcome Kyle Whelan – Develop’s New Water Systems and Legionella Trainer

5th February 2024     News

Our water systems & legionella training division is growing

We are pleased to introduce Kyle Whelan who has recently joined Develop as a Water Systems Trainer.

With a decade of experience in the water industry, Kyle previously served as a Water Treatment and Hygiene Technician before advancing to the position of a Service Chemist. In this role, he was responsible for conducting regular testing and analysis of cooling towers, steam boilers, and cooling systems. His extensive industry background has provided him with a profound understanding of water hygiene, legionella, and the associated risks when not managed correctly.

Motivated by a desire for change and a commitment to passing on his wealth of knowledge, Kyle has embarked on a new journey with Develop under the Emerge and Evolve programme. Starting on the ‘Emerge’ pathway, designed for individuals with significant industry expertise transitioning into the training arena, Kyle will undergo the necessary qualifications to enable him to educate the next generation. In the coming months, he will complete formal teaching certifications such as TAQA and Award in Education & Training, along with various technical training courses offered by Develop.

Throughout this process, Kyle will also be guided and supported by his mentor and fellow Water Systems & Legionella Trainer, Dan Sutherland.

Outside of work Kyle takes pride in being a devoted father of two, and spending quality time playing with his children is his favourite post-work activity.

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