Yorkshire Ambulance Service take their training to the next level

   21 July 2023         News

Just a few weeks ago, our York centres’ esteemed neighbors, the Yorkshire NHS Ambulance Service, took their training to the next level by carrying out their training on our fully to-scale artificial street, Training Terrace.

As emergency responders responsible for saving lives during critical incidents, such as terrorist attacks, the team were practicing and being assessed on their response to a multi-casualty scene. Training Terrace provided them with an immersive environment that closely replicates real-life scenarios. This lifelike setting allowed the ambulance service personnel to face the challenges they might encounter in their line of duty head-on, ensuring they could immerse themselves in a realistic environment and make the assessment seem as authentic as possible.

Moreover, the street provided a risk-free learning space, allowing the team to learn from any mistakes made during training without adverse consequences.

Leading the way in realistic training environments

Training Terrace is an immersive, fully to-scale artificial street designed to replicate real-life scenarios. As a training provider in the utilities industry, Develop understand the importance of practical training, and Training Terrace delivers precisely that. By simulating multi-casualty scenes,  the true to-life environment enabled the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to undergo a rigorous assessment of their response capabilities.

Develop is committed to supporting the emergency services, and providing access to the street free of charge was a small gesture of our appreciation for their critical work. It was an honour to play a part in empowering such a vital service that safeguards our communities.

Interested in finding out more about Training Terrace? https://www.developtraining.co.uk/lindsay-talks-takes-the-spotlight-at-grand-unveiling-of-training-terrace/

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