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Awareness of Confined Spaces training course

Course code: CSA

Course overview

A 1 day training course for individuals who need to know how to work within confined spaces, but do not require entry into such environments. This course will help guide operatives new to understanding confined spaces when encountering similar working environments.

Awareness of Confined Spaces

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Benefits of attending for the learner

  • Familiarisation with confined spaces; what are they and what are the dangers?
  • A better understanding of safety and the assessment of risk when working within confined spaces, keeping individuals and those around them safe and achieving a confined spaces certificate.

Benefits of attending for the employer

  • Employees feel their employer has made an investment in their future.
  • Operatives who successfully complete the training are awarded a confined spaces certificate.

What you will learn

  • As part of the course you will learn to appreciate the risks associated with entering a confined space. This could make you stop and assess risks before you ever enter a dangerous situation.
  • You will gain an awareness of the procedures for entering a confined space and the equipment and systems required to do so safely.
  • You will gain an awareness of emergency preparedness and what to do (and what not to do) in the event of an emergency.

What qualifications will you achieve?

  • You will receive a confined spaces certificate from Develop Training Limited.

How is this training delivered?

  • The theoretical aspect of the course is delivered in the classroom, involving exercises to identify confined spaces, protect workers and deal with emergency situations.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Learners participating in the course can bring with them any materials used by their own employer and copies of risk assessments or permits to work so that they can see how their materials fit in to the context of the awareness of confined spaces training.

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