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NEW FOR 2023

Develop’s High Pressure Water Jetting courses can now be delivered anywhere in the UK.

Our Mobile High Pressure Water Jetting Unit allows you to choose from any of Develop’s eight dedicated training centres or a location of your choice.

Key Features

  • Mobile 3008/3000 PSI Water Jetting Unit
  • Takes up just one car parking space
  • Reaches a maximum pressure 3000psi at 8 Gallons per minute of flow
  • High pressure hose reel with 3/8″ diameter
  • Low pressure hose reel 1/2″ hose
  • Jetting nozzles suitable for both
  • Ideal for cleaning and clearing
  • Dry shut system gun – ideal for surface preparation
  • Inbuilt anti-freeze system – so training can be delivered whatever the temperature
  • The only external equipment needed is a standard domestic garden tap or a hydrant

Take a look at our mobile high pressure water jetting unit in action



Which courses do Develop offer?

Develop offer a number of High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ) training courses. These include:

Water Jetting Safety Awareness and Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Water Jetting Pressure Washer

Water Jetting Safety Awareness Refresher

What is needed on-site for us to use the mobile water jetting unit?

All you need is a standard domestic garden tap or a hydrant.

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