NCO Gas Level 2 Escape, Locate & Repair Training: A Practical Approach

   13 October 2023         News

In the world of professional development, practical training plays a vital role in preparing individuals for real-world challenges. Develop Training, known for its dedication to providing high quality training to the utilities industry, last week hosted a NCO Gas Level 2 Escape, Locate & Repair training course at its York training centre.

A prime example of Develop’s commitment to delivering high-quality utilities training, the highlight of this particular course was the practical element, where delegates had the opportunity to test their skills on Training Terrace—a fully to-scale artificial street designed to simulate real-world scenarios. This immersive experience enabled delegates to practice essential tasks related to gas network construction, escape procedures, locating faults, and making necessary repairs, all while ensuring utmost safety.

Gas training in a controlled, safe and realistic environment

Training Terrace consists of three purpose-built houses, street scene, a café, a deep excavation pit and a confined spaces area.

The street looks and appears as a regular street would but each area has been specifically designed for training purposes. This allows Develop to deliver courses in emergency response to gas incidents, as well as excavation safety, cable avoidance, ACS gas, street lighting, drains, sewer jetting and confined spaces entry. Benefits to delegates include a realistic training environment, development of skills in a controlled setting, problem-solving opportunities, real-life collaboration and teamwork and increased confidence in their applying their skills back in the workplace.

Practical training for gas engineering professionals

This hands-on training experience undoubtedly left the gas engineering professionals better equipped to tackle the challenges in their day jobs constructing and maintain the UK’s extensive gas network, where precision and safety are paramount. By gaining practical exposure, delegates could refine their skills and improve their on-the-job performance in a completely safe, yet highly realistic environment.


Further information on Training Terrace

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All the delegates attending this training must have already achieved their NCO Gas Level 2 Service Laying or Mains Layer (Distribution) certification. The training takes place over 4.5 days and involves a variety of practical and theoretical training. Some of the learning deliverables for delegates on the course include;

  • How a voltstick should be used.
  • Checking and using a bar hole tool and searcher bar.
  • How to check and use a rock drill and tornado.
  • Identifying the correct ppe requirements.
  • Where to find information in EM72/74 and 74A.
  • Demonstrate effective search techniques used in the detection of gas and CO leakage and evacuation and reoccupation criteria.
  • Demonstrate use and application of approved repair techniques to EM74a i.e. fitting a repair clamp, repairing a joint (anaerobic/eco sealing) polyforming (encapsulation joint repair).

The course incorporates assessment and certification for the Level 2 Certificate in Network Construction Operations (Gas) – Units:

  • 217 Restore gas network components to operational condition by repair.
  • 218 Conduct specified testing of gas network associated with leakage location.
  • 304 Minimise risks to life, property and the environment during Gas escapes.
  • 305 Analyse and interpret the results of surveys to determine the location of gas escape.

Upon successful achievement of the qualification it is registered with the EUSR database for Escape, Locate and Repair (ELR).

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