Which streetworks (NRSWA) course do I need?

   19 February 2024         Blogs

In 2011 it became required by law that anyone working on the English Highways completed New Roads and Street Works (NRSWA) training. Whether involved in excavations, reinstatement, or requiring a barrier for activities like tree cutting or working on a distribution board, it is essential to undergo NRSWA streetworks training.

It’s important that you find and select the right training for your role, so that you can legally demonstrate your competence to carry out a particular streetworks roles. This is why Develop have created a flowchart to help you work out which training course you require to safely & competently carry out specific aspects of street works. You can download our street works flowchart here.

I work on the roads, what training do I need?

The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA) requires that, for any work done on a road or pathway (non-motorway), there needs to be at least one qualified Operative and one qualified Supervisor. These must be two separate people.

In order for operatives and supervisors to work legally on the highways, they must register with the Streetworks Qualification Register (SWQR) . To do so they need to hold the up to date Streetworks qualification.

When the individual has successfully completed their training and assessment (s) the Training Provider will notify the Awarding Body who will then issue certificates for the units or qualifications they have successfully completed.

Once the certificates are issued, the Training Provider will apply on the individuals’ behalf to the Street Works Qualifications Register (SWQR) for their ID Card.

To keep qualifications and NRSWA cards (tickets) up to date individuals must be reassessed every five years to show that they are professionally competent to work on English highways.

Develop Training offer a number of NRSWA training courses including, those for Operatives, Supervisors, Inspectors & Auditors, as well as re-assessment training.

View the full range here: https://www.developtraining.co.uk/training/utilities/street-works/

To help you better understand the courses available and the training offered by Develop, our in-house streetworks expert, Ben Blessett, has put together a handy pdf download.

Click here to download.

Streetworks training courses

Develop offers the following street works courses at our 8 UK-wide training centres in Derby, York, Swindon, Manchester, Essex, Norwich, Birmingham and Linlithgow, Scotland. Click the links to find out more and reserve a space on a course. For further information please call 0800 876 6708.

NRSWA Location and Avoidance of Underground Apparatus (NRSWA LA)

NRSWA Signing, Lighting and Guarding (NRSWA O1/S1)

NRSWA Excavation in the Highway (NRSWA LA+O1O2/S1S2)

NRSWA Reinstatement of the Highway (NRSWA Ops/Sups)

NRSWA Reassessment LA+O1,O2/S1,S2 (NRSWA R1)

NRSWA Reassessment O3-O8/S3-S7 (NRSWA R2)

NRSWA Street (Road) Works: Safety, Quality and Compliance (NRSWA INS)

Professional accreditations